Hails from River Ridge, LA with a B.S. Degree in Forestry Management from Louisiana State University. Geospatial Analyst by day - Dad, Outdoorsman & Multimedia Specialist in the off-time.

Interests/Skills: Forestry Mgmt., Silviculture, Wildlife Biology, GIS/Mapping, Orthophotography, Remote Sensing, Cartography, Video/Photo, Web Creation, Writing, Graphics & Logos, UAV/Drones, Shooting Sports & Backpacking.

At GeoJAW everything we do is cost-effective and efficient. We utilize smart affordable alternatives solutions - back to basics, client relationships, dependability, accurate on-time deliverables as well as "common sense" approach & professional respect - equals a satisfied client-base & a new friend.

After the job is completed, GeoJAW will continue to insure you are proficient and knowledgeable with the end results. We are different that way - we want you to succeed, learn your workflows, teach others new skills and ultimately, accomplish your tasks and goals. Whatever it takes, we aim to succeed.

Scott J. Owens, Multimedia SpecialistRiver Ridge, Louisiana